Saturday 15 Jun, 2019

Starting at 10:00am

TVNZ Television Centre

100 Victoria Street West, Central Auckland 1010

Lead to Sale – Gold Sponsor

Why use Leadtosale?

Take your conversion tracking to the next level and optimise towards sales, instead of leads.

Track Leads

Track leads that come through your website, including form submissions, phone calls and even custom events like chat bot meeting bookings. Our range of lead tracking tools ensure you track every lead back to its source.

Track Sales

Connect your lead data to your sale data by connecting your CRM, accounting software or POS system to Leadtosale. Our Zapier integration means you can integrate with over 750 software platforms.

Maximise Your ROI

This data then feeds back into Google Analytics, using the measurement protocol – meaning you can analyse and optimise towards the activity that’s driving more sales, rather than just leads.

Contact: Mike Rishworth



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